Our mission

In foreign countries, FEC’s mission is to retain existing customers and open new markets for French cereals.  This is done by identifying demand in both quantity and quality, assessing the specific requirements of various private or public buyers, and positioning and promoting the French offer locally by highlighting comparative benefits. To achieve these goals, France Export Céréales has chosen to be present in the major countries targeted by the industry. In the destination countries, France Export Céréales organises seminars for presenting the French offer, takes part in trade shows, collaborates with primary processing companies and State Offices, organises training sessions on the use of French cereals, hosts foreign delegations in France, and disseminates information on French cereals and on France’s position on the markets.

For the French sector, France Export Céréales seeks to inform producers, collectors (cooperatives and traders) and their organisations on current and future client demand (in both quantity and quality) and threats to and opportunities for our cereal exports given the competition; France Export Céréales also provides information on how our cereals are perceived, the strengths and weaknesses of the French offer, and adjustments that must be made to maintain our current customer base and capture new markets.

To fulfil these missions France Export Céréales :

  • Maintains close relationship with importers in different countries (situated in North Africa, Middle-East and Asia) in order to gain a better understanding of the needs of end users and local consumers in these countries.
  • Promotes the use of French cereals through seminars, colloquiums and international trade shows.
  • Receives foreign delegations, showing them French cereal industries, laboratories, warehouses and so, to highlight the technological assets of the French industry.
  • Trains millers, bakers, malt producers and brewers to work with French cereals.