France Export Céréales is a collective, sector-specific and unique organisation

The association is funded by a portion of the “CVO”, a fee levied by the pan-industry body INTERCEREALES. It is therefore at the service of the entire sector and thus all the companies, farms, grain collectors and traders involved in the export of French origin grain products. France Export Céréales is not a commercial operator and its role is not to help firms sell their grain products for export. By contrast, it plays a unique role, both upstream and alongside the commercial relationship, by undertaking collective actions aimed at creating and consolidating the necessary conditions for exporting French grain products throughout the world. France Export Céréales therefore acts as a bridge between the French export industry and its customers and users abroad. Its action has two complementary dimensions:

Promoting French origin products by removing import barriers in buyer countries, by making them visible to importers worldwide and identifiable among the different origins competing on the market, and by encouraging their use by foreign buyers.

To meet these objectives, France Export Céréales carries out representation, information and support actions with foreign buyers and users. France Export Céréales is the institutional representative of the grain industry’s export sector. As such, it plays a special role with state grain-buying offices in the Maghreb and Middle East. More generally, it develops actions to present the French offer and its characteristics, with the aim of preserving or developing export flows to traditional destinations or to new destinations whose requirements are qualitatively compatible with French origin products.  It plays a decisive role in opening up new markets. It highlights the differential advantages of the French offer compared with products of competing origins. It puts the expertise of the French grain industry at the service of foreign users and customers, through training and technical support, and enables them to draw maximum benefit by using French origin products.

Communicating with and towards France’s grain industry and public decision-makers

On France’s export position and the conditions necessary to maintain it. France Export Céréales is the bridge linking foreign customers and users with the French grains sector. It develops communication actions around the needs of foreign clients, their evolution, and the relative place of French origin products in their marketplace. It brings its knowledge of foreign markets to enable the sector to adapt to the changes experienced by customers and competitors. It also communicates with the various administrations and public decision-makers on the strategic interest for France of its grain exports, in order to develop regulations and infrastructures in France, create tools to help the export sector and support the sector in its promotional work abroad.


  • Raising awareness of export issues
  • Publication of notes, memos and country info-sheets about our customers and competitors
  • Annual “export day” for French grain industry
  • Participation in working groups within grain sector to guide production
  • Reception of French delegations in destination countries
  • Participation in grain industry’s communications with and to French political leaders …


  • Seminars to present France’s grain industry and the French offer
  • Distribution of information papers and circulars by FEC offices in client’s local languages: information on production, quality and French cereal markets
  • Reception of foreign delegations in France
  • Technical cooperation with professional organisations, operators and state grain-buyers: sending experts and organising training
  • Study and prospecting of new markets

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